If you're looking for an all-in-one light, with a lot of power and a small footprint, the Profoto A10 is one of your best options. In this review, we'll show you how to use it in portrait photography and why I think it's worth taking a look at.
The Profoto A10 is a new monolight from the Swedish lighting company.

If you're looking for a new monolight, the Profoto A10 is a great choice. It's small but powerful and has been designed to be used with external battery packs or AC power via an adapter. The light features a built-in battery that allows you to shoot up to 1 hour on high power (1/4 second at 1000W) before recharging. You can also use it as an on-camera flash with its adjustable bounce angle, or use it as a snoot with softboxes and umbrellas!
It's small.

The Profoto A10 is small, but packs a lot of punch. It's also very versatile and can be used on or off camera.

It's big.
When you're working with a small, light-weight strobe system, it can be difficult to find the right balance between power and portability. The Ingo Illu Mini is a good example of this problem: It's big enough to fill an entire room with light but not so big that it can't fit into your bag when traveling.
The Profoto A10 does just that—it's small enough to fit in most bags without weighing down your other gear, but powerful enough for any kind of shoot (or stage performance). The only thing I would change about this package is adding more accessories so I could use them during shoots as well as on location shoots where I need a portable light source that won't break my budget.
It has a lot of power.
The Profoto A10 is the ideal lighting tool for photographers and videographers who need to light up large spaces. It can be used as a main light, fill light, background light or hair light. Additionally, it's also an excellent rim/kicker light for portraits and cinematography.
It can be used on or off camera.
The Profoto A10 can be used on or off camera. The remote control is compatible with the Air Remote and Air Remote TTL, which allows you to adjust your settings remotely. You can also use it with a Profoto Air Remote or a Profoto A10 Air Remote TTL.
Its performance is pro level.
The Prolight & Magic A10 is a pro-level light, with powerful output and versatile output options. It’s also very portable, making it a great choice if you are on the go or need to work at different locations.
The Prolight & Magic A10 has been designed specifically for portrait photography and video journalism applications where high quality images are required with low noise levels and fast response times. This means that photographers can use this as their main light source in any situation where they need more than just ambient illumination - whether it's indoors or outdoors; inside buildings or outside; in shade or direct sunlight; etcetera...
You can control it from your phone.
You can control it from your phone.
You can control it from a tablet.
You can control it from a computer.
You can even use your phone as a remote!
The Profoto A10 is a tiny, powerful light you can control from your phone
The Profoto A10 is a small, powerful light you can control from your phone. With its built-in flash and wireless remote trigger system, it's perfect for all kinds of portrait photography.
The A10 is one of the smallest lights on the market—it measures just 4 inches tall (10 cm) and 1 inch deep (2 cm). At only 10 oz (285 g), this portable powerhouse packs some serious power into its compact body: it creates up to 600W of illumination with its 20 W output—that’s more than enough to illuminate even large groups of people!
The Profoto A10 has two LEDs: one 650Ws/820Lm LED source in front that produces intense light beams with wide coverage and sharp shadows; and another 100Ws/125Lm LED source behind it with soft shadows for flattering portraits where skin tones are important. Both LEDs can be used independently or together as needed by choosing between three different power levels using simple buttons on top: High Power Mode offers maximum intensity at all times; Medium Power Mode provides ample illumination without overpowering subjects; Low Power Mode reduces output while preserving quality details in challenging lighting conditions like sunset shots when there might not be enough ambient light available (but if there's enough ambient light available then simply switch back over!).


It's small, powerful and has great features. It's perfect for portraits that require natural light. The Profoto A10 is one of the best lighting tools on the market for photographers looking for a compact, powerful source of studio lighting without sacrificing quality.
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